Questions about LIFE and Belief - why are we here?    THINK!
Was it all an accident of nature?                        THINK!
Or is there someone behind it all?    THINK!


“WHY? :: Just think about it!”

So we can think. So what?

Some people think there "cannot be a God". That it's all random evolution of "the species". But they cannot explain WHY it all came into being.

Scientists have derived the "Big Bang" theory (and I have no problem with that). They can explain the physics of what happened, right back to a split second after the big bang started.

But nobody can tell us WHY it happened at that moment; or WHERE it all came from; or WHY it happened at all.

Big Bang Theory

To me (and I have a degree in Physics) it all fits in with what the Bible tells us in Genesis 1:3 -
"Then God said 'Let there be light' ".

Can you imagine how bright that light was, at the moment of the Big Bang? When all the matter and energy of the universe appeared "from nowhere" in a space smaller than a pinhead? There has never been such a brilliant and intense explosion of light in all of history since.

Big Bang Physics - explained simply

Physicists believe that the Universe was born about 15 thousand million years ago in a very hot, very very bright Big Bang and that it has been slowly cooling ever since.

The Universe was like a giant thermonuclear reactor until, at around three minutes, the reactions stopped, leaving a Universe composed of hydrogen, deuterium, helium, and a little lithium.

The Universe is made up of about 75% hydrogen and 25% helium, with just traces of heavier elements cooked up in stars to make everything else that we consider to be 'ordinary' matter.

During the next 300 000 years the Universe slowly became transparent as photons no longer interacted as soon as they were made.

Electrons were captured by the hydrogen, deuterium, helium and lithium nuclei to form the first atoms.

The first galaxies took a 1000 million years to make, as matter began to clump together in a way that is still not clearly understood.

Gravity pulled the light elements together to form stars which ignited, cooking up elements as heavy as iron. Some stars, at the end of their lives, exploded in spectacular supernovae, rapidly generating even heavier elements like gold and scattering them around the Universe. Slowly, these elements began to clump together into planets. Molecules formed and chemical processes began.

Finally, after 15,000 million years, intelligent beings like you emerged from the stardust on one of these planets and began to contemplate the Universe around them, trying to piece together the story that led to us being here.

So, you decide for yourself:



Answer: read the Bible, Genesis (the first book in the Bible) chapter 1, verse 3, which says:

"God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light."

Science can only discover what God has put in place. 

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